Mindfulness of the BREATH!!! – Try this practice ~ again & again ~~

Mindfulness of the Breath…

1)             Comfortable sitting/lying position: If sitting in a chair, let your spine be self-supporting by sitting away from the chair back. If sitting on the floor, experiment with cushioning under your buttocks to find a firmly supported position with your knees touching the floor.

2)            Erect, dignified, comfortable posture.

3)            Gentle closure of the eyes.

 4)            Awareness of level of physical sensations: Focus on touch & pressure of your body on other surfaces. Where does it make contact? How does that feel?

5)            Awareness of changing breathing patterns- inhales & exhales: Lower Abdomen / Middle Rib Cage / Upper Chest

6)            Awareness on sensations of stretching areas of torso (with hand): Lower Abdomen / Middle Rib Cage / Upper Chest

7)            Letting go – letting the breath happen by itself: No need to try to control. Let it be natural – allow the breath to happen.

8)           Wandering (“Monkey”) Mind: Sooner or later, the mind WILL wander to thoughts, daydreams, planning, drifting. This will happen again & again! This is natural – perfectly OK! Acknowledge where the mind has gone (“Ah – there’s thinking!”). GENTLY escort your awareness back to focusing on the breathing sensations.

 9)           Self-Compassion/ Kindness for YOURSELF! Bring a quality of kindness to your awareness. These are opportunities to bring patience & gentle curiosity to your experience.

 10)         Continue your practice for 15 minutes or more with these intentions:  Simply be aware of your moment-to-moment experience. Use the breath as an anchor to gently re-connect with the “here & now” experience.