NO Comparisons ~ Accepting our Uniqueness with FLAIR!

There has never been another person like you since time began, so there is nothing and no one to compare with…

Sharing part of this delightfully uplifting affirmation by Louise L.Hay from her book: “Meditations to Heal Your Life” is my way of welcoming you ALL into 2014! Enjoy the journey, moment by moment ~ keep breathing and taking time for your own self-care!

Blessings & Peace ~~ Teddy

“I am incomparable! I am here to learn to love myself and to love other people unconditionally.

Even though every person has measurable things about them, such as height and weight, there is far more to me than my physical expression.

The immeasurable part of me is where my power is … 

… We are ALL unique, wonderful beings, each different and special …

… Everything in the physical world changes.  As I flow through these changes, I keep relating to that which is inside me that is deeper than any change.” 

L. L. Hay