Consulting Services



As you develop mindful stress management practices, 1-on-1 guidance with a teacher can be helpful, especially if you have special needs, erratic work schedules or just want to ‘jump-start’ your practice.

 OFFERS / PACKAGE DEALS ~~ Through December, 2018 !

Offer includes:

  • Free initial meeting (30~45 minutes)
  • Discuss needs
  • 1-hour consultation

Price ~~ $65.00

Package Deal (through December, 2018) includes:

  • Free initial meeting (30~45 minutes)
  • Discuss needs
  • FIVE ~ 1-hour consultations for the price of 4**

Package Deal Price ~~ $260.00 (regularly = $325.00)
(**Purchased packages expire 3 months after purchase date)

Therapeutic Practices

Personalized body-friendly, stress-releasing Yoga Therapeutic Practices: dynamic poses, linking movement with deep, rhythmic breathing, emphasizing release through relaxation. Includes meditative moments for health & happiness.

Stress Management

Learn practical tools tailored to your personal needs: coping with stress & balancing your life ~~moment by moment.

Insight Meditation

Energizing, yet calming inner work, allowing growth on different levels

This guidance provides a first-hand, direct exploration of the way things are: “Seeing” into the nature of your mind more clearly (Please see Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction explanation for further details).

Breath Capacity Enhancement

Breath practices, tailored to meet your specific needs

Enhancing breath capacity for healthier aging & longevity ~~ optimizing personal health & wellbeing



Working on enhancing tools for mindful management of health & wellbeing through a dynamic, hands-on approach:

  • THE ESSENTIALS ~ life-balancing tools for healthier living (up to 30 minutes)  = $65.00
  • BALANCING LIFE, MOMENT by MOMENT ~ Practical tools for overall stress management in daily living (1-hour session) = $110.00
  • PACKAGING HEALTHY AGING ~ Practical resources for optimizing healthy balanced living ~ includes movement & hands-on work (2-hour workshop) = $200.00


  • Intensive courses/seminars (4-8 hours) emphasizing interaction and exchange of information
  • Focus on wellness dimensions for optimal health & wellbeing


  • Extended opportunity (3-7 days) with time for personal growth, free from distractions & responsibilities
  • Focus on personal investment in self-compassions & self-care

(*Workshop & Retreat Group Pricing dependent upon specific requests & number of participants)