Come into today to see our exciting SY retail products!

Santosha Yoga Logo T-shirts and Jackets (w/ hoodies) available in a variety of styles and colors ~ all can be custom-ordered (no tax on any of these items)
Jackets $54.00

Spaghetti-strap Shirts (women’s – to wear over workout tank tops) $19.00

T-back Shirts (women’s) $20.00

Short-sleeved, Long-sleeved & Crew or V-neck T-shirts $22.00 (XL~XXL $25)

Fleece-lined Beanie Caps w/ Santosha Yoga Logo – w/o cuff $18.00 … w/ cuff $20.00 (custom-order – available in 12 colors)

Ultra-plush Lap Blankets (48″ X 68″, fully hemmed, velvety soft, machine washable) $30.00 (custom-order – available in 5 solid colors)

“Locally made Eye Pillows” – $10.00 + tax 

Filled with flaxseed and handmade locally (cover removable to wash)

Directions: This pillow is made with flaxseed that will not deteriorate, so it can be heated or chilled! Heat in the microwave or chill in the freezer or leave room temperature. Place pillow on your eyes or on the back of your neck, as you desire.

For your eyes: This eye pillow relieves stress by helping you become more relaxed when you are using it. The pillow will be placed over the eyes, while lying on the back, blocking light from reaching to your eyes.

For your neck: This pillow can also be used for extra support or greater comfort as needed, either behind your neck when lying down or across the back of your neck when seated in a resting position.