In Spring 2019, Teddy was voted “Provider of the Quarter” by a local Physical Therapy Group! Her nomination came from a mutual client who wrote: “I nominate Teddy (Teresa) Araas for Provider of the Quarter and this is why ~~ Yoga Therapist who works well and in conjunction with my Doctor and Physical Therapist for my best interest and health.”  Anonymous Client of both BLHWC, LLC and Physical Therapy Group

“I came to Sheridan for a three month work assignment.  I’m so glad I signed up for Teddy’s yoga class. I’ve taken yoga classes for several years, but Teddy’s class is the best class I’ve ever taken.  I’m stronger, more balanced, and more relaxed than I’ve ever been through her wonderful instruction.”  Brenda Chupp, Georgia

I recently relocated to Sheridan, WY from a big city. Coming to a small town, starting a new job and being away from my family and my support systems proved challenging. Santosha Yoga and Teddy who is our yoga instructor were my saving grace. The evening calming yoga classes taught by Teddy provided the perfect combination of relaxation, stretching, strengthening and meditation. I have learned so much and for the first time in my life, I now have a home practice and regularly attend classes.

Teddy is an amazing teacher! She is so humble, yet so skilled and talented. She combines her lifetime experience of dance, wellness, health promotion and yoga. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful place to practice yoga. Santosha Yoga is a welcoming, friendly, and fun place. If you are looking for a place to heal, grown and practice yoga, visit Santosha Yoga…you will be surprised what a gem is waiting for you in Sheridan, WY!”
Sheila Swann-Guerrero, Sheridan, Wyoming

Good morning, Teddy!

I just wanted to say “Thanks!” for a great yoga session yesterday at noon.  During the session I felt some vertebra in the middle of my spine (between the shoulder blades, maybe a little lower) do some sort of deep, deep re-alignment.  I could feel it at the time and distinctly remember the feeling.  A sort of smooth shift to a new position.  Not jerky or painful in any way.  Boy does it feel wonderful!  I’ve had a tightness there for years!  It is hard to describe how relaxed and open it feels now.  Like I can breathe.

I can’t quite remember the pose or series of poses that allowed this to happen  (I think some of the twists), but it is wonderful.

Thanks again!

Zachary Gray, Sheridan, Wyoming

Teddy … your texts while ‘she’ was in the NICU meant the world to me, knowing someone back in Sheridan was thinking of us & sending good energy. The breathing techniques I learned from you were extremely helpful during that scary NICU time, during labor!, & continuously through parenting and in life in general! I have enjoyed your yoga classes so much & am grateful for your intuitiveness, your wisdom, & wonderful one-on-one instruction. My pregnancy (& overall, life) has been greatly improved by meeting you! Thank you for everything!

Namaste, A.N. (Nurturing Prenatal Yoga student)